December 1, 2023
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10 Reasons to Stay Sober Today

Now that you are sober, you may have discovered that some of your past relationships were not only unhealthy but downright toxic. It’s not just your drinking buddies and drug dealers who can get you into trouble—sometimes those who are closest to you can contribute to a relapse. It may help to pick a quit date, or a day when you choose to discontinue use of alcohol or drugs. It’s also helpful to change your environment—for instance, avoid going to bars. There are also resources such as 12-step groups and recovery groups. When you’re dealing with addiction, it can be hard to look at yourself and see beyond the substance that’s controlling you.

  • Call a friend or family member to talk through what you’re going through, or reach out to your doctor or therapist.
  • In general, drug use can lead to workplace theft and distraction from the job due to thinking about using or getting drugs.
  • There are hundreds of organizations (like SAMHSA) that provide support on your journey to recovery.
  • If you start feeling triggered to use or drink, you can reach out to people who care about you.
  • This may mean that you don’t spend time with someone you used to use drugs with or go somewhere you used to drink.

If you are sitting you want to stand, if you are standing you want to sit. If you get to where your going, you find that you want reasons to stay sober to be be somewhere else. Not everyone has a God or Higher Power that they pray too, but faith isn’t always meant in that way.

Professional Treatment Options for Addiction

One of the primary reasons to stay sober from alcohol and drugs is to restore and enhance physical health. Substance abuse takes a toll on the body, contributing to various health issues. By abstaining from alcohol and drugs, individuals give their bodies the opportunity to heal and rejuvenate. Sobriety can lead to improved organ function, reduced risk of chronic diseases, better sleep patterns, increased energy levels, and enhanced overall well-being.

Staying sober will allow your body to recover, which will help you feel better in the long run, both physically and mentally. You have the power to stay sober, and the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. There are hundreds of organizations (like SAMHSA) that provide support on your journey to recovery. When you’re in active recovery, these challenges can seem even harder to overcome. Even if you’ve been clean and sober for some time, hardships in life can lead you back to a spot where you wonder if you will relapse.


If you recently had surgery or an injury, your doctor will be careful with the pain medication they give you, because some of those drugs can make you more likely to relapse. Ask your doctor about nonmedical ways to manage your pain, like massage or acupuncture. No matter what, I will always have a nagging feeling in my mind that tells me I am not good enough or that I am not where I want to be. However, sobriety gives me the ability to look at my life objectively, and see how full my life actually is. Sobriety has made it so much easier for me to fall asleep at night. It has given me perspective on so much in my life.

Free from the clouding effects of alcohol and drugs, individuals can experience increased self-awareness, emotional stability, and a greater sense of self-worth. Sobriety enables individuals to develop healthy coping mechanisms, manage stress effectively, and cultivate positive self-esteem. Striving for sobriety brings numerous health and mental well-being benefits. By choosing sobriety, individuals can improve physical health, restore mental and emotional stability, and cultivate a fulfilling life.

Reasons to Stay Sober: #2 Your Mental Health

Alcoholism and substance abuse stifles the beautiful person that you truly are. Now that you’re in recovery, you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Even if you’re not quite sure who that is, now is your chance to find out who you are and are not. Today, choose to be someone who keeps their word and can be counted on. When you put your sobriety first, you’ll discover an entire host of opportunities waiting to be discovered. Perhaps you’ll go back to school, expand your career goals or become active in your local recovery group.

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