February 29, 2024
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2023: Why Obidients Are Angry, Abusing Politicians – Peter Obi


The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, has revealed why his supporters are being accused of abusing other presidential candidates and their supporters.

Speaking during an interview on Arise News on Monday, the former Governor of Anambra State said his supporters are angry because successive governments have failed them.

The LP Presidential candidate stated that his supporters are angry about the state of the country and want to take back nation after they have been disappointed too many times.

He said some of the uncultured social media behaviour by some of his purported followers have come from opposing camps who often disguise as his followers to abuse his critics.

The former governor, however, apologised to those who feel aggrieved by the action of his supporters and members of the Labour Party (LP).

He said, “I have answered this several times. One, there is infiltration by opponents, and there are those who believe in me who are angry. I’ve served people faithfully. I have never raised my voice at anybody. You cannot go and say because your son shouts at people, that is you. I’m telling them please, but some of them are angry. Some of them have been out of school for the past ten years without jobs. You cannot control their anger. All I can do is an appeal.”

Obi advised Nigerians to check the historical antecedents of all the presidential candidates to know who would fulfil his campaign promises or not keep them.

He noted that the ruling All Progressives Congress had made several promises to Nigerians which are yet to be fulfilled to date.

He said, “All of us are saying the same thing, but what makes a difference is – who can we trust? This election is about trust. We are promising the same thing, but can we look at the antecedents? Things they have promised in the past, how they delivered it or attempted to deliver it.

“Who among these people can we say have the character, the competence, the capacity, the commitment to at least do what he is saying? That is what differentiates us.

“We’ve had promises in the past. We’ve had promises that the dollar is going to be one-to-one. Now we are almost 800 to one, and nobody is saying anything.

“We do not need all these fanciful, fair, good-looking manifestos or documents that are written. Let the people come and talk. You mentioned Britain, it was because what she (Truss) promised, she could not deliver; and, honourably, she packed her suitcase and went out.”

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