February 21, 2024
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2023: Campaign Group for Peter Obi-Datti Speaks About a “Deal” With Atiku

The media office of the Obi-Datti 2023 Presidential campaign has responded to accusations that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has made a “political pact” to support Atiku Abubakar, the nominee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

GistBloggers is aware of news stating that Obi had reached an agreement to support the former Vice President’s bid for the presidency in 2023.

In response, Peter Obi’s campaign office said in a statement on Saturday that the rumors were the product of philanthropic propagandists who enjoyed twisting the truth to make themselves seem more important to their patrons.

Part of the declaration read, “Instead of making an effort to counteract the aggressive campaigning of opposition candidates, these troublemakers bandy about false reports of the issue-based messaging of our candidates only to gain easy political points and divert the interested public.

Although dealing in their difficult-to-sell, “expired milk” (apologies to BAT) in a cutthroat market can be frustrating, the FairPlay rule requires that you not link the good with the poor product. We demand honor from thieves as well!

We are aware of the spin doctors’ motivations in spreading the completely untrue rumor that Peter Obi, a highly-regarded Labour Party candidate, met with his PDP counterpart and struck a pact. The opposite couldn’t be more true.

Obi’s international travel, its purpose, and the places and people he would meet are all already known to the public; everyone can witness him meeting with some Nigerian political leaders in the UK.

But cunning propagandists favor making up lies in a last-ditch effort to discredit their candidate.

We can see why the Obi-Datti campaign is getting so much attention; they are without a doubt the front-runners in this race for 2023, and the tag team’s slogans are striking a chord with the beleaguered Nigerian people, who are more eager than ever to reclaim and take back their nation.

“The LP candidates cannot be sidetracked by any lies meant to mislead because they are on a holy mission to save and rebuild this nation.

If Obi’s goal is to save Nigeria from the current order, he shouldn’t be seen supporting it.

According to the Obi-Datti media office, the authors have turned to fabricating supporters because they were already worn out before the election campaign even began.

In order to “photoshop” the same Obi with their candidate, it was claimed, the same people who claimed that Obi was a social media phantom wave without any political organization were doing so today.

The media office further pointed out that Obi’s regard for Atiku and other leaders in this nation has more to do with his good upbringing and the absence of hate and bitterness in his political philosophy.

The document went on to say, “These propagandists need to understand that the movement Obi and Datti-Ahmed are leading is not something that one individual is negotiating away.

Obi is being driven to the Aso Rock Villa by Nigerians who have taken over the steering and are refusing to gaze in other directions for distractions.

“The Obi-Datti media office is privy to intelligence that many false reports would be sent to the public in an effort to confuse people’s minds, and observes that such a mission is doomed to failure because the people’s dedication to the Obidient assignment is total.”

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